Welcome to The Fabulous Boomer Sisters! Join us in exploring new horizons, sharing wisdom, celebrating accomplishments, and, of course — having fun! We truly believe that age is only a number and we invite you along on this adventure. We aim to break down the barriers of ageism and build a community that is supportive and empowering for all women. Together, let’s teach what we know, learn something new and be catalysts for change.


How To Be Mindful

There is a lot of talk about “mindful living.” Is it just another fad or will it help you find your zen?

Remembering An Orange

Strong memories can be brought to mind by something as simple as the fresh scent of an orange.

Simple Pleasures: February

Cheer February up with 5 simple ways to add a little love into your life.

A Boomer Playlist

Listen to some of the music from our youth. Are some of your favourites on this list?

The Gift of Today

This beautiful and inspiring short film will inspire you to be grateful for the gift of each day.