Happy Mothers Day

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

~ George Eliot

Happy Mothers Day — to the happy moms, the sad moms, the tired moms and the bereaved moms. To the moms who work outside the home and to the moms who stay home with their children. To the moms who bake cookies and the ones who bring cookies from the store, Happy Mothers Day.

To the grumpy moms, to the angry moms, to the moms who can “do it all” and to the ones barely hanging on. To mothers who give up their children, and to moms who have their children taken away. To moms in hospitals and to moms in prisons, Happy Mothers Day.

To young moms, and older moms, to grandmothers and godmothers. To moms who adopt children, to moms who foster children, Happy Mothers Day.

To those who yearn for children, to those who decide not to have children. To would-be moms, soon-to-be moms, stepmoms, LGBTQ+ moms, and furbaby moms, Happy Mothers Day.

To all moms everywhere, Happy Mothers Day!

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