I am a transplanted prairie girl — I moved to the West Coast more than 30 years ago, where I fell in love with the ocean at first sight! One of my greatest joys is walking along the beach, listening to the waves break — a sound that never fails to soothe and inspire me. I live in Metro Vancouver with my husband and our dog, Frankie. Our two grown daughters live close enough that we hardly feel like “empty-nesters.”

I am a media and marketing coordinator — a career that combines two of my passions, writing and graphic design. I love watching BBC mysteries and superhero/suspense movies (Hello, Netflix!) When I’m not trying to figure out my superpower you can find me immersed in a book (ask me what I’m reading now), writing (read all my blogs post below), or attempting to capture the perfect shot of my dog, Frankie (she’s adorable!). Check out her Instagram page.

My goal for the Fabulous Boomer Sisters is to highlight and support the reinvention of “old age” and create a space to celebrate the strengths, vitality and worth of every woman, especially those who are fifty-plus.

All My Posts

photo shows a dandelion gone to seed

Path to Forgiveness

The path to forgiveness can be difficult and painful. This is what we found.

Photo of a woman looking out to sea from the shore

Love is in the Air

What does self-love mean and how can we love ourselves, Read how we are choosing love this month

Photo of a bunch of purple ballons

A Year of Living Fabulously

Last year, the Fabulous Boomer Sisters launched its first official blog post amid great fanfare.

Image shows a dried flower on a purple background with the words Be Kind

25 Acts of Kindness

Do you want to be a little kinder? Try these 25 easy ways to practice kindness every day.

image of old woman sitting on a bus

Life Lessons on Transit

That encounter changed something inside of me. I suddenly realized — I was in charge of my life. Read more…

an image of holding hands

Celebrating Daughters

Celebrating daughters on International Daughter’s Day. How fast they grow! Cheers to daughters everywhere.

Image of a stylish older woman

What’s In My Closet?

Are there styles that women of a certain age should not wear? Find out what we think about that!

Death Becomes Us

Are you prepared for your Death? This post talks about death, dying and asks why are we afraid?

215 Reasons…

The world was shocked when the remains of 215 First Nations children were discovered in Kamloops, BC.

Book Talk

Part Arabian Nights, part thriller, this book takes us to an enthralling world where anything can happen…

Ageism is Getting Old

Ageism is getting old – let’s end it! There are many ageist stereotypes let to smash. Join the crusade!

Kneadlessly Simple

I remember my mother making bread from scratch. The mixing, the kneading — the waiting!!

Sweet Talk

Let’s talk about sugar. A little sweet-talk and you may be convinced to quit all sugary treats.

Did I Just Say That?

Do you think about the words you use every day? Should you consider changing your speech?

Imager of two women on picket line

Beyond March 8th

International Women’s Day has come and gone. There is still work to do to reach gender equality. Find out more.

How To Be Mindful

There is a lot of talk about “mindful living.” Is it just another fad or will it help you find your zen?

Remembering An Orange

Strong memories can be brought to mind by something as simple as the fresh scent of an orange.

A Boomer Playlist

Listen to some of the music from our youth. Are some of your favourites on this list?

Coffee Break

Worried about your caffeine intake? Take a look a these 3 reasons to keep drinking coffee.

Good Intentions

It’s a new year! Did you make any resolutions or set any intentions for

You Can Be A Super-Ager!

Happy New Year! Are you planning any lifestyle changes for 2021? Can you become a Super-Ager?

Thoughts of December

We are ready for some good news — aren’t you? Read some happy stories we found this month.

Into the Light

My soul is buoyant as the day lengthens into evening. Do you feel that too?

Traditionally Speaking

The memories of my childhood Christmases are interlaced with sights, sounds, and smells.

Notes on Ageing

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I must peer closely to recognize that the “old” woman I see is me!

Tis The Season!

Do you feel anxious and stressed for the holidays? Try these stress busters!


We are all members of the same society and we are all in this together.

Inspiration in Poetry

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here,

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