image of a camel with a colourful saddle, lying in the sand

Visit our IG page. Do you notice something different about our hashtags?

Are you prepared for your Death? This post talks about death, dying and asks why are we afraid?

The world was shocked when the remains of 215 First Nations children were discovered in Kamloops, BC.

Ageism is getting old - let's end it! There are many ageist stereotypes let to smash. Join the crusade!

Hard bop is less lyrically and harmonically complex than bop, and the melodies are more memorable…

Do you think about the words you use every day? Should you consider changing your speech?

Listen to some of the music from our youth. Are some of your favourites on this list?

68% of Boomers own a smartphone. But are we learning textspeak?

My soul is buoyant as the day lengthens into evening. Do you feel that too?

The memories of my childhood Christmases are interlaced with sights, sounds, and smells.