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As we age, we need to keep our bodies healthy, our souls nourished, and our spirits young. When we’re thriving, we can take that well-being out into the world and model for all to see how beautiful older women are, how wise, how confident — how we shine! What elements are essential to our ability to age gracefully? Let’s explore the connections between body, kinship, and soul.

We are not medical professionals and do not offer health advice. Rather, we’ll share ideas that have worked for us and others we know. Occasionally we’ll bring experts on board to share wellness tips to keep our bodies, minds and spirits supple and glowing. Come and share the possibilities with us.

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photo shows a dandelion gone to seed

Path to Forgiveness

The path to forgiveness can be difficult and painful. But did you know it can also free you? This is what we found.

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The Calm Before the Storm

We did a blog exchange! Read Midlife It’s Tera Johnson-Schwarz’ post about her midlife journey.

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Love is in the Air

What does self-love mean and how can we love ourselves, Read how we are choosing love this month

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A Year of Living Fabulously

Last year, the Fabulous Boomer Sisters launched its first official blog post amid great fanfare.

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25 Acts of Kindness

Do you want to be a little kinder? Try these 25 easy ways to practice kindness every day.

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