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We are curious about the many modes we humans have of expressing our every emotion and experience. From arts and literature to feminism, racism and ageism — we are passionate about exploring all aspects of society. We want to share our thoughts about all things culture-related.

This is where we will discuss the arts, books, and films. We will talk about fads and fashions. We will wade into the tough topics of social and racial injustice. And, we will celebrate the wondrous ability of humanity to be generous and inspiring.  Let us know your perspectives in the comments sections.

Ageism is Getting Old

Ageism is getting old – let’s end it! There are many ageist stereotypes let to smash. Join the crusade!

Did I Just Say That?

Do you think about the words you use every day? Should you consider changing your speech?

A Boomer Playlist

Listen to some of the music from our youth. Are some of your favourites on this list?

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