From time to time, we invite guest authors to share their thoughts, stories, ideas, and wisdom on the Fabulous Boomer Sisters blog.

We hope to engage a wide and diverse audience by featuring the writings of interesting people of all ages on these pages. Our aim is to broaden our world perspective and promote an inclusive and positive space for new ideas, and continued learning. We seek to build a tolerant, loving and accepting space to foster peace, inclusivity and love.

Tera Johnson-Swartz — MidLife It

Tera lives in a little house on the hillside of suburban Denver, CO. She’s a mom, wife, blogger, and fiction writer, and sometimes has to get a side hustle to pay for these creative outlets. As founder and visionary behind, she shares personal stories, tips, and facts about midlife, menopause, and beyond. She’s one of those brutally honest friends with wit, warmth, and a little fire to keep you moving. And she’s always looking for another girlfriend to help her start trouble…

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Photo shows storm clouds over the ocean

The Calm Before the Storm

We did a blog exchange! Read Midlife It’s Tera Johnson-Schwarz’ post about her midlife journey.

A Pathway to Jazz

Hard bop is less lyrically and harmonically complex than bop, and the melodies are more memorable…

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