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What do we mean by Life + Style? Is it recipes? Relationships? Home decorating? Travel? Fashion? DIY? The life and times of retirees and boomers? Or just day-to-day musings on life, the universe and everything?*

We like to think of this corner of the blog as an eclectic mix of all the above and the kitchen sink, too! Check out our posts here for ideas, projects, and anecdotal accounts of our lives. We hope that you will find uplifting stories, fun adventures and maybe even a few delicious recipes that will encourage you to share your Life + Style ideas with us.

*a reference to The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

image of old woman sitting on a bus

Life Lessons on Transit

That encounter changed something inside of me. I suddenly realized — I was in charge of my life. Read more…

Image of a stylish older woman

What’s In My Closet?

Are there styles that women of a certain age should not wear? Find out what we think about that!

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